Our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor uses hysteroscopy when diagnosing infertility

For patients struggling to conceive, diagnosing infertility, and creating a treatment plan are critical components to moving forward with their family-building plans. David T. Vandermolen MD, MS, our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor, has served local patients for more than 30 years. He offers compassionate care and clinical expertise, including the use of hysteroscopy to identify potential causes of infertility or abnormal uterine bleeding in our patients.

What is hysteroscopy?

During this procedure, our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor will look inside the uterine cavity using a hysteroscope. This is a thin, tubelike camera that aids in diagnosing infertility. This procedure allows Dr. Vandermolen to visualize the cervix and uterus to identify a uterine septum and any fibroids, polyps, or adhesions.

To improve the view of the uterine cavity, we will expand the area by adding a liquid solution into the uterus. Additionally, if Dr. Vandermolen discovers any problems, he can remove them during the hysteroscopy, eliminating the need for an additional procedure.

Who needs to consider this option?

Before recommending this procedure, we will complete a full fertility evaluation that includes a thorough medical history, bloodwork, a physical exam, and an ultrasound. This initial analysis will give Dr. Vandermolen the information he needs to recommend the next steps. Typically, he will consider a hysteroscopy in the following cases.

  • Patients with irregular bleeding, due to non-hormone causes.
  • Patients with an abnormal uterine lining on ultrasound.
  • Patients who have suffered multiple miscarriages.
  • Patients with failed IVF cycles using high-quality embryos.
  • Anyone with suspected or known uterine abnormalities that could affect pregnancy.
  • Patients with abnormal ultrasound suggestive of polyps, intracavity fibroids, uterine scarring, or uterine septum.

What patients should expect from the procedure

Generally, we will schedule a hysteroscopy after a patient’s menstrual cycle ends but before ovulation occurs. Performing the procedure at this time ensures that the uterine lining will be at the desired thickness.

This is a short, outpatient procedure. After a brief stay in the recovery area, the patient can recover at home. Because Dr. Vandermolen places the hysteroscope into the vagina and through the cervix to reach the uterus, no incision is required. This reduces the recovery time. Most patients can return to normal activities the next day.

At ArkLaTex Fertility, we believe there is a path forward to parenthood for each of our patients. Dr. Vandermolen uses proven techniques to assist in diagnosing infertility so that he can recommend the best treatment options for your situation. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor.

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