First Fertility Appointment

Demystifying what happens at the first fertility appointment

If you have had trouble getting pregnant, consulting a fertility specialist can seem overwhelming. That’s why David T. Vandermolen MD, our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor, and our team are here to support you, starting with your first fertility appointment. We believe this initial visit represents the beginning of the journey toward parenthood. As a result, we want to help you prepare for the first fertility visit.

Making the leap toward your family-building goals

Before we begin any fertility treatments, our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor must identify any barriers to pregnancy. To accomplish this goal, Dr. Vandermolen will collect a complete medical history from you and your partner. He will review your health information and schedule standard fertility tests, including bloodwork, a pelvic exam, an ultrasound and a semen analysis. The results of these evaluations will provide key details to help him develop your personalized treatment plan.

Questions to think about as you prepare for the first fertility visit

As you get ready for your first fertility appointment, you and your partner may want to create a list of questions to ask during the visit. Preparing in advance will help structure your time with our Northern Louisiana fertility doctor. Consider the following questions before your visit.

  • Can you provide us with an infertility diagnosis?
  • How long can we expect fertility treatments to take?
  • What are our chances of achieving pregnancy?
  • Will we need to change our lifestyle during treatment?
  • How much time will appointments and fertility treatments take?
  • Will age affect our fertility treatment options and success?

Financially planning for fertility treatment

One component of seeking help from a fertility clinic is cost. We know our patients need to have realistic expectations about the expenses of fertility treatments. During your first fertility appointment, you can meet with our billing experts. These professionals will walk you through a detailed explanation of insurance and financing options.

Our goal is to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. From the initial visit throughout the fertility process, Dr. Vandermolen and our staff will provide the compassionate care that you need. Contact our office for help as you prepare for the first fertility appointment.

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