Protecting Your Fertility

Ring in 2023 by protecting your fertility

When the new year begins, many people make resolutions to lose weight, take up a new hobby, or join a gym. David T. Vandermolen MD, our Northern Louisiana fertility expert, believes that resolutions can lead to positive changes. As we enter 2023, Dr. Vandermolen wants to encourage you to resolve to explore fertility preservation and invest time in protecting your fertility.

Understanding fertility preservation options

In today’s world, women receive messages from the media suggesting they can have it all: career, family life and babies whenever they desire. Unfortunately, female biology tells a different story.

Female fertility peaks in a woman’s late-20s and early-30s and then declines notably from the middle 30’s. Fertility in general falls by half by age 40 and is minimal by 43-44. Modern fertility preservation, which includes a fast-freezing process for eggs, can give women the opportunity to start a family when they are ready.

Helpful tips for protecting your fertility

If you want to explore protecting your fertility, Dr. Vandermolen can perform a complete fertility assessment and discuss your options. Additionally, we recommend taking little steps to improve your health and fertility.

Eat a balanced diet. Consuming nutrient-rich foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins, will fuel your body and support your overall health.

Establish an exercise routine. Staying in good physical shape can improve your stamina. It can also prepare your body once you are ready to conceive. Start with walking and go from there.

Maintain a healthy weight. Women who are overweight or underweight can experience hormone disruptions and may have difficulty getting pregnant. Try to stay at the optimal body mass index (BMI) for your height.

Don’t ingest toxic substances. Smoking is very harmful in general and to ovaries and eggs, should be stopped. Excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drug use can hurt your fertility down the line.

Watch out for workplace hazards. Certain environmental pollutants, industrial chemicals and radiation can affect future fertility. As such, take precautions if you work around these hazards.

If you aren’t ready to jump in and start your family right now, we can assist you with fertility preservation. Making healthy lifestyle choices can also help you ensure that parenthood is in your future. Contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment.