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Enter Our Raffle to Support Breast Cancer Research – October 2021

Win a $500 gift certificate for treatment through our raffle to support breast cancer research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the team at ArkLaTex Fertility is sponsoring a raffle to support breast cancer research. Buy a $2 ticket for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate to be used towards any treatment, excluding the cost of medications. We will match by three times all money raised from this raffle, and all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research.

The American Cancer Society works to support breast cancer research

The American Cancer Society provides grants and funding that support research projects across the United States. The organization says, “Our research program has played a role in many of the prevention, screening and treatment advances that save lives from breast cancer today. And we continue to fund research to help save even more lives in the future.”

The team at our North Louisiana fertility center knows how important medical research is for patients. In fact, our patients benefit daily from advances in fertility medicine discovered through research.

Egg freezing can help preserve the dream of motherhood for cancer patients

Today’s cancer treatments are life-saving, but they do have a downside. Treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation can damage a woman’s egg supply and fertility.

Thankfully, reproductive medicine has advanced, which makes fertility preservation in the form of egg freezing possible. When women freeze their eggs before beginning cancer treatment, they can hold onto the dream of motherhood while they battle cancer.

The process of egg freezing for cancer patients involves a few simple steps.

  • The patient will take injectable fertility medications to stimulate egg development.
  • When the eggs are mature, the woman will take an hCG injection to trigger ovulation.
  • Dr. Vandermolen will perform an outpatient egg retrieval procedure.
  • He will then send the eggs to the IVF laboratory for egg freezing using an advanced flash freezing technique known as vitrification.
  • The eggs can remain in frozen storage until the patient is ready to conceive using them.

Win a $500 gift certificate

Win a $500 gift certificate to be used
towards any treatment, excluding medications.

Raffle tickets cost $2 each.

All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society
for breast cancer research.

You can support breast cancer research by purchasing a raffle ticket from our ArkLaTex Fertility. Each ticket offers a chance to win a $500 gift certificate. It’s a win for everyone. Contact us for information or to schedule an appointment. Tickets are sold until October 31, 2021.